"Teaching the Middle East & Latin America in the Time of COVID-19" Afkhami leads the last session of the Summer Institute for K12 teachers hosted by the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University (8/5/2020)


The podcast Infectious Historians  spoke with Amir Afkhami on Iran in the Age of Cholera (8/2/2020)

"Medicine, history, COVID-19, & Career" Afkhami interviewed by  by the Persian Academic and Cultural Association at University of Southern California (7/27/2020)

US State Department.png

"COVID-19: Strategies to Foster Resilience and Boost  Mental Health During a Pandemic" (in French) Afkhami keynote speaker at event hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal and the U.S. Department of State's Speaker Program (7/14/2020)


Afkhami quoted in The Spectator: "Iran's second wave could come crashing down on the regime" (7/2/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC  News:  "Coronavirus: Has a second wave of infections hit Iran?" (6/25/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC Persian Service on the resurgence of COVID19 in Iran (6/24/2020)


The podcast Historical Perspectives on STEM spoke with Amir Afkhami on the history of outbreak and disease in Iran (6/10/2020)

Andisheh Pouya..jpg

Afkhami's work translated and featured in Iran's Andishih-yi Puya  monthly magazine: "The Revolutionary Virus" (7/2/2020)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami's feature in The Washington Post: "Iran's strategy for fighting covid-19 could backfire" (5/27/2020)

Washington Post.jpg

A Modern Contagion included among "7 books medical experts say you should read to become an ultimate authority on pandemics" by Business Insider (5/11/2020)

A Modern Contagion.jfif

A Modern Contagion included in a selection of five "Books for Understanding COVID-19" by The Johns Hopkins University Press


"Cholera and Iran’s History of ­Responding to Pandemics," Afkhami in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (05/2020)

Talk Iran.jfif

"From COVID19 to Cholera: Repeating Patterns in Iranian Pandemic History" Afkhami speaks at Stanford University (4/16/2020)

"Iran's Coronavirus Crisis: Implications for U.S. Policy" Afkhami speaks at the Policy Forum at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (4/13/2020)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: "As coronavirus cases explode in Iran, U.S. sanctions hinder its ..." (3/29/2020)


"How cholera changed Iran," Afkhami interviewed by Assoo e-zine (persian) (3/29/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Politico Magazine: "Coronavirus rattles America's national security priesthood" (3/28/2020)

Afkhami interviewed by the BBC  Persian Service on this book A Modern Contagion, history of medicine, and the coronavirus outbreak in Iran  (2/26/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by The Globe Post: "In Iran, ‘Anemic’ Response and US Sanctions Worsen Virus Outbreak" (3/20/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Belgium's De Standaard: "Iran liet pelgrims bidden en virussen verspreiden" (3/18/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Brazil's Folha de São Paulo: "Terceiro em número de mortes, Irã enfrenta acusações de omissão frente ao coronavírus" (3/17/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by the Associated Press: "'Virus at Iran's gates': How Tehran failed to halt the outbreak" (3/17/2020)


"Politics and the Pandemic:" in an interview, Amir Afkhami explains what Covid-19 may mean for Iran, and the world for Diwan, a blog from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (3/16/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP): "US sees new pressure point as coronavirus hits Iran," via Yahoo! News (3/14/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by The Guardian: "Satellite images show Iran has built mass graves amid coronavirus outbreak" (3/12/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by tbs eFM's This Morning: Seoul, South Korea (3/08/2020)

Amir Afkhami discusses the coronovirus COVID19 outbreak in Iran

Afkhami in the International Business Times: "Iran Coronavirus: 54,000 Prisoners Temporarily Go Free, Death And Infection Toll Spikes" (3/03/2020)

Afkhami interviewed by The New York Times on Iran’s Coronavirus Response (3/04/2020)


Afkhami's feature in Politico Magazine: Why Iran Is Such a Coronavirus Threat (3/3/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by the Kayhan Life Podcast on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran (3/2/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Politico Magazine on the Coronavirus inside Iran (2/26/2020)

Afkhami interviewed by the BBC Persian Service on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran  (2/26/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran (2/26/2020)

Afkhami speaks at Yale University's Pierson College Master's Tea on his new book and his work in global mental health in Iraq and the Middle East (9/12/2019)

Afkhami delivers Grand Rounds presentation at Silver Hill Hospital on Iran’s Opiate Epidemic (9/11/2019)

Talk Iran.jfif

Afkhami interviewed by the Talk Iran Podcast about his book "A Modern Contagion," his multi-disciplinary career, and how his various areas of knowledge converge in his work (8/18/2019)


Afkhami interviewed about his new book by Kayhan Life: 

"How Cholera Transformed Iran: Interview with Author Amir Afkhami" (5/17/2019)

Afkhami speaks about his book "A Modern Contagion" at Stanford University (4/11/2019)

ripple effect.jpg

Afkhami speaks about his new book "A Modern Contagion," current affairs, and imperialism with The Ripple Effect Podcast (2/8/2019)

Afkhami interviewed for a BBC  Persian Service documentary on the First World War
"A Modern Contagion" in Politico Playbook
Afkhami interviewed by the BBC  Persian Service on the 1918 influenza pandemic  
Afkhami speaks at the 2018 GHIG Symposium at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Afkhami speaks at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2018 Symposium on Global Health & Diplomacy
The National.png
Afkhami interviewed by The National on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and its impact on the Middle East
Afkhami interviewed by Aljazeera America on sex, culture, and HIV in Iran
Afkhami interviewed by CCTV America on mental healthcare in the U.S.
Afkhami's feature in Foreign Affairs Magazine: Narcotics Trade in Iran and Afghanistan
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak 
Afkhami interviewed by the Associated Press (AP) on the 1918 influenza pandemic
Afkhami's feature in The New York Times: A Doctor in Iraq Watching a Faith Healer at Work

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Explaining Away Mental Illness 

Afkhami's feature in The New York TimesCondemning 'Chemical Ali' is not enough


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