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Afkhami interviewed by WTOP NewsUS's drop in the latest world’s happiest countries report (03/21/2024) 

PDF version: here

Afkhami receives the Bicentennial Distinguished Teacher Award from the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (01/18/2024)
Afkhami named as one of Washington DC's top doctors in the Washingtonian Magazine (11/01/2023)

Afkhami speaks at George Washington University event supporting the women in Iran (3/22/2023)


Afkhami interviewed by The HillAmericans’ nuclear fears surge to highest levels since Cold War (10/14/2022)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Amid covid surge, Iran cut corners to approve yet-unproven vaccine (8/20/2022)

UT Austin.jpg

Afkhami gives keynote public lecture at The University of Texas at Austin Center for Middle Eastern Studies: From Cholera to COVID-19: The Role of Pandemics in Shaping Iran's Modern History (4/29/2022)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Ukrainian refugees vow to return home even if it’s never the same (4/6/2022)

Afkhami interviewed by BBC Persian Service  on COVID19 and lessons learned on the second anniversary of the global outbreak (3/10/2022)

NUFDI Conference.png

Afkhami speaks on panel on Iranian-Americans engaging in change and civic activities at the National Union for Democracy in Iran (NUFDI)'s Iran Conference (2/10/2022)

Grand Rounds.jpg

Afkhami gives the Grand Rounds presentation at the George Washington University School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesFrom Cholera to COVID19: Continuity and Change in Iran's Pandemic Experience (12/09/2021)

Afkhami speaks at Oslo Metropolitan University's Center for Research on Pandemics and Society (PANOSC) in Norway on Continuity and Change in Iran’s Pandemic Experience (10/29/2021)

Afkhami gives the Psychiatry Grand Rounds presentation at MedStar Washington Hospital Center on "Lessons from Iran's Opiate Epidemic" (10/21/2021)


Afkhami interviewed by Voice Of America (VOA) Persian Service on the COVID19 Vaccine Shortage in Iran (8/10/2021)

Afkhami interviewed by BBC News  on the COVID19 surge in Iran (8/8/2021)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC Persian Service's "60 Minutes" on the history and politics of COVID19 in Iran (8/1/2021)

Global Mental Health Ethics.jpg

Afkhami's chapter on "Coping With Addictive Opioid Markets" included in book on Global Mental Health Ethics " (2021)


Afkhami interviewed by the Associated Press: "Sanctions-battered Iran, weary of pandemic, faces worst wave" (4/22/2021)


Afkhami is invited by the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua to address the country's civil society, church, and medical leaders on psychosocial recovery from trauma and psychological first aid (4/19/2021)

Afkhami gives the Foundation For Iranian Studies (FIS) 2022 Nowruz Lecture entitled "Night of the Wolf: How Iran’s Innovative Vaccine
Defeated Rabies" (3/26/2021)


Afkhami gives the Grand Rounds presentation at University of Texas School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences on "Iran's Opiate Epidemic: Lessons for the West" (3/02/2021)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Stuck between the pandemic and politics, some countries ban rivals’ vaccines (2/3/2021)


Afkhami interviewed by Asia Times on Why so many Iranians are taking their own lives (1/6/2021)

Afkhami speaks at the National Defense University's Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies on COVID19 in Iraq and Iran (12/9/2020)
Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: U.S. sanctions could impede Iran's access to coronavirus vaccines (12/7/2020)


"Teaching the Middle East & Latin America in the Time of COVID-19" Afkhami leads the last session of the Summer Institute for K12 teachers hosted by the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University (8/5/2020)


The podcast Infectious Historians  spoke with Amir Afkhami on Iran in the Age of Cholera (8/2/2020)


"Medicine, history, COVID-19, & Career" Afkhami interviewed by  by the Persian Academic and Cultural Association at University of Southern California (7/27/2020)

US State Department.png

"COVID-19: Strategies to Foster Resilience and Boost  Mental Health During a Pandemic" (in French) Afkhami keynote speaker at event hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal and the U.S. Department of State's Speaker Program (7/14/2020)


Afkhami quoted in The Spectator: "Iran's second wave could come crashing down on the regime" (7/2/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC  News:  "Coronavirus: Has a second wave of infections hit Iran?" (6/25/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC Persian Service on the resurgence of COVID19 in Iran (6/24/2020)


The podcast Historical Perspectives on STEM spoke with Amir Afkhami on the history of outbreak and disease in Iran (6/10/2020)

Andisheh Pouya..jpg

Afkhami's work translated and featured in Iran's Andishih-yi Puya  monthly magazine: "The Revolutionary Virus" (7/2/2020)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami's feature in The Washington Post: "Iran's strategy for fighting covid-19 could backfire" (5/27/2020)


A Modern Contagion included among "7 books medical experts say you should read to become an ultimate authority on pandemics" by Business Insider (5/11/2020)

A Modern Contagion.jfif

A Modern Contagion included in a selection of five "Books for Understanding COVID-19" by The Johns Hopkins University Press


"Iran’s History of ­Responding to Pandemics," Afkhami in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (05/2020)

"From COVID19 to Cholera: Repeating Patterns in Iranian Pandemic History" Afkhami speaks at Stanford University (4/16/2020)

"Iran's Coronavirus Crisis: Implications for U.S. Policy" Afkhami speaks at the Policy Forum at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (4/13/2020)


"How cholera changed Iran," Afkhami interviewed by Assoo e-zine (persian) (3/29/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Politico Magazine: "Coronavirus rattles America's national security priesthood" (3/28/2020)

Afkhami interviewed by the BBC  Persian Service on this book A Modern Contagion, history of medicine, and the coronavirus outbreak in Iran  (3/24/2020)


Afkhami quoted in Open Democracy : "Sectarianism will not defeat coronavirus"  (3/24/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by The Globe Post: "In Iran, ‘Anemic’ Response and US Sanctions Worsen Virus Outbreak" (3/20/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Belgium's De Standaard: "Iran liet pelgrims bidden en virussen verspreiden" (3/18/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Brazil's Folha de São Paulo: "Terceiro em número de mortes, Irã enfrenta acusações de omissão frente ao coronavírus" (3/17/2020)

Afkhami quoted the The Economic Times: "'Virus at Iran's gates': How Tehran failed to halt the outbreak" (3/17/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by the Associated Press: "'Virus at Iran's gates': How Tehran failed to halt the outbreak" (3/17/2020)


"Politics and the Pandemic:" in an interview, Amir Afkhami explains what Covid-19 may mean for Iran, and the world for Diwan, a blog from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (3/16/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP): "US sees new pressure point as coronavirus hits Iran," via Yahoo! News (3/14/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by The Guardian: "Satellite images show Iran has built mass graves amid coronavirus outbreak" (3/12/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by tbs eFM's This Morning: Seoul, South Korea (3/08/2020)


Afkhami in the International Business Times: "Iran Coronavirus: 54,000 Prisoners Temporarily Go Free, Death And Infection Toll Spikes" (3/03/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by The New York Times on Iran’s Coronavirus Response (3/04/2020)


Afkhami's feature in Politico Magazine: Why Iran Is Such a Coronavirus Threat (3/3/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by the Kayhan Life Podcast on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran (3/2/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by Politico Magazine on the Coronavirus inside Iran (2/26/2020)

Afkhami interviewed by the BBC Persian Service on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran  (2/26/2020)


Afkhami interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran (2/26/2020)


Afkhami speaks at Yale University's Pierson College Master's Tea on his new book and his work in global mental health in Iraq and the Middle East (9/12/2019)


Afkhami delivers Grand Rounds presentation at Silver Hill Hospital on Iran’s Opiate Epidemic (9/11/2019) [pict. 1]

Talk Iran.jfif

Afkhami interviewed by the Talk Iran Podcast about his book "A Modern Contagion," his multi-disciplinary career, and how his various areas of knowledge converge in his work (8/18/2019)

Afkhami interviewed by Medpage Today  on the genetic and neurochemical basis of indoor tanning addiction (6/12/2019)

Afkhami interviewed about his new book by Kayhan Life: 

"How Cholera Transformed Iran: Interview with Author Amir Afkhami" (5/17/2019)

Afkhami interviewed by Medpage Today  on rising rate of outpatient treatment for depression (4/24/2019)

Afkhami speaks about his book "A Modern Contagion" at Stanford University (4/11/2019)

ripple effect.jpg

Afkhami speaks about his new book "A Modern Contagion," current affairs, and imperialism with The Ripple Effect Podcast (2/8/2019)

Afkhami interviewed for a BBC  Persian Service documentary on the First World War (12/19/2018)
Afkhami interviewed by the BBC  Persian Service on the 1918 influenza pandemic  (12/10/2018)
"A Modern Contagion" in Politico Playbook (11/23/2018)
Afkhami speaks at the 2018 GHIG Symposium at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (11/8/2018) [pict. 1]
Afkhami speaks at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2018 Symposium on Global Health & Diplomacy (5/31/2018) [pict. 1, pict. 2]
Afkhami interviewed by Medpage Today  on the mental health consequences of social isolation (3/27/2018)
The National.png
Afkhami interviewed by The National on the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and its impact on the Middle East (2/10/2018)
No Lost Generation.jpg
Afkhami speaks on panel at Georgetown University on the  mental health and wellness of refugees (3/30/2017) [pict. 1, pict. 2, pict 3]
Afkhami interviewed by Aljazeera America on sex, culture, and HIV in Iran (12/3/2013)
World Politics Review.png
Afkhami interviewed by World Politics Review  on Iran’s Evolving Approach to Drug Addiction  (10/28/2014)
Afkhami profiled by the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA): Meet Amir Afkhami: Former Policy Advisor to Senator Stabenow and Board-Certified Psychiatrist (10/24/2014)
Afkhami included in an article in The Atlantic Wire for his comments on an article about what hospitals have learned from natural disasters (10/28/2013)
Afkhami interviewed by CCTV America on mental healthcare in the U.S. (10/13/2013)
Foreign Policy Logo.jpg
Afkhami's featured in Foreign Policy Magazine: The unlikely winner in the war on drugs? Iran (5/02/2013)
Afkhami's feature in Foreign Affairs Magazine: Narcotics Trade in Iran and Afghanistan (4/2/2013)
Afkhami interviewed by U.S. News & World Report on sex and the emotional aspects of B.D.S.M (8/12/2013)
Afkhami featured in Canada's Georgia StraightJust who are the narcissists in the room? (10/17/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on the psychological burden on family members of murderers (7/23/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on awarding the Purple Heart Medal to U.S. troops with PTSD (6/29/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on Mike Wallace's struggles with depression and suicide (4/09/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by the UK's Daily Mail on suicides in the U.S. Army (3/08/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on rising suicides in the U.S. military (3/07/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on antidepressant use in late term pregnancy (1/12/2012)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News/Good Morning America on the impact of the earthquake in Washington DC on his patients (8/24/2011)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on a deadly Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Las Vegas (7/18/2011)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on a Legionnaires' disease outbreak at the Playboy Mansion (2/16/2011)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News 7 on research linking Social networking, loneliness and depression (2/3/2011)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on the impact of stress on chronic diseases (3/02/2010)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on PTSD in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti (1/10/2010)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on the motives of the Fort Hood Shooter (11/06/2009)
Afkhami interviewed by The British Medical Journal on controversial AIDS awareness campaign in Germany (09/15/2009)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on HIV public health campaign in Germany (09/08/2009)
Afkhami interviewed by ABC News on the swine flu vaccine shortage (8/17/2009)
Afkhami interviewed by the Associated Press (AP) on the 1918 influenza pandemic (4/29/2009)
Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami's recommendations to minimize violence featured  in The Washington Post: Minimizing the Risk of Violence (7/22/2008)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Violence is Common Among the Young (7/22/2008)


Afkhami interviewed by The American Psychiatric Association (APA)'s Psychiatric News on his work in Iraq: Psychiatry in Iraq on Long, Slow Road to Recovery (6/20/2008)

Washington Post.jpg

Afkhami interviewed by The Washington Post: Explaining Away Mental Illness  (9/4/2007)

Afkhami's feature in The New York TimesCondemning 'Chemical Ali' is not enough (6/25/2007)
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